Annette West Memorial Scholarship at Scottsdale Community College

The qualifications for this scholarship are as follows: enrolled at Scottsdale Community College, ACE High School Graduate – open to all with previous ACE experience. Area of study should be STEM degree (e.g. Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering Sciences, Geology, Math and Physics) or an Applied Science degree (e.g. Nursing, Nutrition, etc), minimum GPA of 2.75, financial need. The scholarship is available for renewal up to six semesters if the above criteria is maintained.

The Scholarship Fund award will provide a payout for two recipients at equal percentages of each recipient’s tuition and fees until such time that the award exceeds 50% of the total cost of registration and fees for an academic year. At such time that the endowment payout exceeds the 2 initial awards at 50% funding, the payout shall be utilized to fund a 3rd scholarship and will add scholarships ad infinitum. If at some future point there are greater funds available than students meeting the fund’s criteria, the award committee may, at its discretion, consider awarding to recipients who were not ACE, high school students and/or who otherwise do not meet the fund criteria set forth herein.