MCC Service Scholarship at Mesa Community College

Student enrolled at Mesa Community College
2.5 minimum GPA (high school or college)
Funds may be used for tuition, course fees, books, & educational supplies as listed in the syllabus

Students must have participated in a significant service experience (over 100 hours; nomination letter from an organization that will validate student’s service must accompany application).

Supplemental Questions
  1. How many total service hours are you claiming on this application?
  2. Of those total service hours, how many hours were required for your coursework (i.e. clinicals, service-learning, field experience)?
  3. Attach a service log or validation letter from each service agency confirming service hours. Each document must have: agency name, dates of service, total hours served, a brief description of the activities performed, agency supervisor's name and contact information, and the agency supervisor's signature (combined PDF files and upload)..
  4. Attach a reflection essay, 500 words minimum but not to exceed 750 words, explaining the service performed, what you gained from the experience(s), and how you improved the quality of life in the community. Share why you chose this project(s) and how it helped you become a better engaged citizen.
  5. Upload a copy of your unofficial transcript.