Jack and June Trimble Scholarship

Jack and June Trimble Scholarship

In 1939, Jack Trimble, an office equipment installer, and June Wester, a student in business college; met, fell in love, and were married. World War II began and Jack enlisted to serve his country. Their first child of three was born while he served in New Guinea.

Upon returning from war, Jack had two goals. The first was to work and to support his family and the second was to attend college. Jack knew hard work. To finish high school earlier in life working at a small restaurant across from Phoenix Union High School; he slept on an army cot in the restaurant storeroom, heading to school each morning and returning to work in the afternoon and evening.

June also knew hard work and was tenacious. After graduating from Kingman High at 16 years of age, she worked for two years at Shep’s grocer in Chloride, AZ, saving money to attend business school in Phoenix.

This young couple worked together to grow and raise a family while continuing their education. The life lessons modeled each day by Jack and June were: be kind to everyone, plan for the future and take small steps to accomplish a big dream.

Jack graduated from Phoenix College and attended Arizona State University, receiving his degree posthumously due to his death at age twenty-seven. June, now a widow with three young children to raise, attended Phoenix College, Mesa Community College, and Arizona State, all while focusing on the couple’s original goals of family and learning.

Both Jack and June believed, that if you have love in your heart and a dream, you can accomplish anything. The year 2021, would have been their 100th birthday and with this scholarship, you now have someone that believes in you and your dreams.