Sherri Thomas

Pass It Forward Scholarship Endowment

Foundation Board Member Sherri Thomas grew up on a farm in Laveen, Arizona. She graduated from Mesa Community College (MCC) on a tennis scholarship and was able to use her associate’s degree as a stepping stone to graduate from Arizona State University. “I had a tremendously positive experience at MCC,” she said, “and I know first-hand about the importance and benefits of having small classes, personal attention from highly respected professors and a community of students, staff, and teachers to support me in my education. As I look back, it was the best experience I had in my education.”

Passionate about helping women, Sherri joined the Foundation’s board. Sherri believes that her role is to continue developing industry and business partnerships, establish community connections, and to build fundraising support to help students thrive. Sherri’s commitment to scholarship runs in the family. “My parents always sought out ways to volunteer and make a difference,” she recalls. “When they told me they walked into South Mountain Community College with a check for $1,500 to offer scholarships to women in need, it made me think of the long term impact…about how those recipients will be getting a hand up, and not a hand out, to better their lives and the lives of their children.” Sherri has created the Pass-It-Forward scholarship fund for working minority women who have completed their freshman year.