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Nora (Goodyear) Gilray Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Nora (Goodyear) Gilray (1948-1999) entered nursing school after completing high school in Glendora, California. She attended a nurse training program, where she earned her Nursing diploma and passed the California Registered Nurse exam. She had a fervent interest in helping others, a demonstrated intellect and mastery of her nursing education and soon became a very accomplished Intensive Care Nurse as well as an Emergency Nurse. She also demonstrated leadership, quick, decisive thinking, and the ability to handle the most extreme life-threating conditions patients face. She was highly regarded among the Doctors she worked with, her peers as well as the patients and family members she served.

Midway through her Nursing career and her experience with victims of sexual assault, her passion for helping others led to her branching off with a colleague to develop and organize a program in Rape Crisis Intervention. It included the training of nurses in sexual assault forensic evidence gathering, victim advocacy, and providing expert witness testimony in those cases brought to trial. A move to Tucson, Arizona resulted in her continuing this work in conjunction with the Tucson Rape Crisis Center, and she became the Coordinator of the sexual assault nurse examinations. Additionally, as an advocate for sexual assault victims, she was proactive within the Tucson community promoting awareness and participated in workshops and seminars in support of the resources available to victims with the mantra; “We’re not going to let them go through this alone, there is someone out there to help them.”

This endowed memorial scholarship will serve in perpetuity to honor the memory of Nora and her extraordinary life and to support other individuals in pursuit of their own career paths in the field of nursing and potentially roles involving sexual assault victim support and forensic evidence gathering.