Natalia Lantseva Ceramics Scholarship

Natalia Lantseva was very artistic and tried many types of art, but never found herself until she entered David Bradley’s Ceramics class at PVCC in 2000. Ceramics captured her heart, so much so, she continued as a 15 year student of ceramics until sadly she passed away in December 2016 from pancreatic cancer. Natalia told few people about her illness and she never complained. Ceramics was her outlet to relax and get away. Natalia was originally from Estonia and immigrated to the US in 1989. She was a talented musician and played piano in an orchestra since the age of 16. Her background as an Engineer led her to become an Adjunct Computer Science Professor at PVCC. Ivetta Harte, Natalia’s daughter, says Natalia loved teaching and helping people. Natalia’s ceramic work evolved from simple bowls to elaborate sculptures. She was very skilled and loved working with her hands. She poured her heart into her art work and loved to give her friends pieces they could hold and touch daily, like coffee mugs. David Bradley, PVCC Ceramics Professor, played a major role in her dedication to the art of ceramics.