Jerry Baxter

Jerry Baxter Memorial Scholarship

Jerome “Jerry” Baxter, manager of Information Resources and Technical Services, passed away in December 1996 following a long illness. Jerry made significant contributions to the District and PVCC. Jerry started his career at MCCD as the keypunch repair person. In 1982, he was named the head of the newly formed computer repair group. As personal computers came to the district in the early 80s, he learned how to repair and install the growing number of computers. He transferred from the District Office to PVCC when the campus opened. Through Jerry’s work, PVCC became well known nationally. Apple selected PVCC for the Apple Alliance program, and Jerry was the coordinator of the project. He led PVCC for 10 years in computing and networking. His final role at PVCC was to build a state-of-the-art network for the college. Jerry was able to learn and keep pace with the changes in technology. He was very successful in managing a full range of services.