Aaron E. Outcalt Memorial Scholarship

Aaron E. Outcalt Memorial Scholarship

Aaron was born on March 22, 1980, in Reno Nevada. He passed away at the age of thirty-four on October 20, 2014. He was the second child in a family of four brothers. From an early age, he was creating art, always drawing or using his imagination to create elaborate games with his toys. He suffered from severe asthma throughout his entire life and his allergies frequently interfered with the freedom to play sports. However, he loved baseball and played basketball whenever he had a chance.

As he grew older, he took up hiking and photography. Aaron loved the Grand Canyon and would go on an annual trip during the summer and hike to Havasupai Falls, his favorite place in the canyon. He carried his camera everywhere he went taking photos of the hidden views he saw in the personal artistic lens of his eyes. He saw beauty and awe in our midst and his photos were powerful messages of the scenes that played out in his mind.

Despite the fact that Aaron suffered from asthma he pushed himself to the limit to capture the scenes he saw on every path of a hike, in a small boat while fishing, while star gazing at night, watching birds in flight, and the expressions on people’s faces in a variety of events; the celebrations, grief, a simple smile, entwined hands, life accomplishments and basically life as it unfolded in all its myriad emotions. He had an immense respect for the environment and was impressed by the creation of our world.

Aaron had a deep understanding of life and the challenges associated with living each day and capturing raw emotions as they unfolded. He enjoyed being on the move and exploring the roads less traveled finding the peace and beauty that exists in the least expected places. This is where his artistic soul was at peace and where he captured the quiet scenes of living.

Aaron attempted to explain what it was like to be an artist by stating, “When you look at the night sky can you see the variations of the hues of colors? There are so many colors that flood my eyes and they are brilliant with light and darkness, colors that glisten all at the same time. Can you see what I see? I’ve always been able to see the world this way. The colors are endless and always changing depending on the natural light that goes through them.” This was his artistic lens and the awareness of all living things.

Aaron’s scholarship was created to assist those who have a passion for photography and the nature that surrounds us. To those who see the art in front of them and will share the messages of life unfolding by the images, they share with the rest of us.